Unlike other times of great need, there is little the average person can do other than mask wearing and practicing distancing to help those who suffer the most from this global pandemic crisis. I consider prayer to be one of the most significant things we can do. Every person will suffer as a result of living through this extraordinary time. I invite you to commit to gather in spirit with others focusing attention on learning and sharing in practices that reflect those Jesus used toward the growth of love in the world while suffering on the cross. Those practices are outlined in the book Teilhard de Chardin Seven Stages of Suffering: A Spiritual Path for Transformation, written by Louis M. Savary and Patricia H. Berne. 



Shelter-in-Place Silent Retreat:

Using Suffering as a Path to Transformation


The most important insight Teilhard had about suffering was that suffering generates energy. It requires energy, sometimes tremendous energy, to endure pain and suffering… Teilhard believed that Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross was “directing the intense energy of his suffering” toward the growth of love in the world.

-Louis M. Savary and Patricia H. Berne, 

Teilhard de Chardin Seven Stages of Suffering


The intent of this retreat is to dedicate 2 days during this pandemic time to prayer while learning practices that will teach you to focus the energy of your suffering so you can send it out into the world. In this way you participate with Jesus toward growing love in our world that is so worthy of being healed.


Date:Scheduled at retreatants convenience 

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Cost: $15.00

Payment: Venmo or check, Julie Honsey, 2901 Gilmore Avenue, Des Moines, IA  50312


Feel free to forward this invitation to others. Please contact me via my email, honsey.julie@gmail.com, if you have questions.


Sending love from my heart,

Julie Honsey