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About Me

Before beginning the Journey of self-discovery with the Enneagram, I sought safety and security using the typical Type 6 ways by devising ways to ensure that those I cared about, as well as myself, were safe and secure. I worried a lot, focusing on things going wrong in the world. Feeling a need to be prepared for the worst, I formulated worst-case scenarios in my mind. Making decisions was hard. My mind stuttered back and forth weighing options. I often felt overwhelmed and reactive.


As an average Type 6, distrust and constant worrying were the first unconscious habits that stood out in my awareness when I began the process of self-discovery using the Enneagram. Awareness loosens the grip of our type's habits of the mind that keep us stuck in the program we use to find happiness. With the grip loosened, I was able to notice my negative thoughts and let them go. Being freed of identifying with my thoughts was what made me feel truly happy.

Doing Enneagram work has been liberation therapy for me. It's been my Journey to feeling safe and secure. I have learned practices that help me let go when I notice the challenges of my type's program begin.

As a Type 6, I am loyal and dependable. I am responsible and hard working. People find me approachable because I really care about making them feel safe and secure. Liking people and holding space for others is one of my greatest gifts. Using my gifts in service of others makes me truly happy.

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My Life

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and friend of many friends. I am a former special education teacher. I enjoy reading, gardening, singing and dancing. I love spending time with my family. My goal is to live happy and free, inviting and encouraging others to live the same through doing Enneagram Work.

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