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Do you ever wonder why you seek happiness in ways that don't make you happy? You're not alone. The Enneagram helps you become aware of the program you use to find happiness. If you're ready to explore that program and see how it holds you back from being who you were created to be, then the Enneagram is for you.

Determining Your Type

I use a process of interactive questions that helps you discover your type, the program you use for happiness, and what motivates you to think, feel and act the way you do.

Awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions is key in the process of self-discovery and identifying your type.

Coaching Process

Personal coaching develops self-awareness that reveals traits of your Enneagram type. Growth from coaching requires intention to grow.

Awareness is the fundamental principle driving spiritual and personal growth and development. Practicing conscious awareness helps you to move beyond your preferred way of being that limits your perspective and fosters the critical element of self-observation. When you recognize your thoughts and feelings in the moment, you can pause and choose the most appropriate action for each situation rather than unconsciously submitting to your personality's default reaction.

I guide you through a process of inner work that includes becoming aware of motivations and defenses while teaching you to pay attention to your heart and body to gain a sense of well-being and appreciation for yourself.

My coaching guides you in learning how to access the energy and strengths of other types in which you have an energetic relationship. After you become familiar with the process, you will be able to access the strengths of the other 8 types so as to respond in the most appropriate way in different situations.

As I walk with you on the path to wholeness, I teach you practices to guide you in becoming balanced in all the centers that provide information -- head, heart and gut -- so as to gain a more balanced and whole understanding of yourself.

I use the Universal Growth Process, developed by David Daniels and Terry Scaracino, core teachers in the Narrative Enneagram. Inner work is a lifelong pursuit. With each new awareness, moving through the states takes less time and effort as you learn to relax and let go in order to see that you are not your personality. Utilizing the process enables you to move out of your personality's program for happiness and live from a more expanded perspective.

Let me know what questions you have.

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